accurate price predictions for traders

1. Select Your Preferences

You start by letting the system know about your preferences. Such as how long you want to be in a trade? Are you day trading, swing trading or scalping? Are you looking for longs or shorts? Let the system know and let it find you the best trades available.


2. Get Your Trading Signals

The CoinMoon system will instantly look through a database of suitable trades and provide you a list of trades that match your exact criteria. The system will display entry, exit information and even the estimated time the price target price will be hit.

3. Make Profit

After you receive your trading signals you can start entering trades. Buy and sell accordingly. This is the easiest and most effective way to trade cryptocurrencies. No staring at charts for hours. Let the CoinMoon algorithmic system work while you trade.

how it works

In three simple steps

1. Select Your Preferences

The CoinMoon database is massive. There are hundreds of trading signals available every single day on CoinMoon. We have long, short, scalp, swing and more trades available. The variety is huge. So it is important that you let the CoinMoon system know which type of trading signals you are looking for.

  • Are you looking for coins that are going to moon?
  • Or are you looking for coins that are going to dump so you can short trade them?
  • Do you want to make a a quick scalp trade or do you want to swing trade for more profit?

Our preference system is very diverse. So you can put in your specific preferences and get the most accurate trading signals.


2. Get Your Trading Signals

After you have selected your preferences, the CoinMoon system will quickly search through our entire database, and it will give you a list of the best trading signals matching your criteria.
The trading signals will include the following information:
  • Entry Price (the best price to buy the coin)
  • Exit Price (the best price to sell the coin)
  • Stop Loss (the best price to exit with minimal downside)
  • ETA (the exact time the exit price will be reached)
  • Accuracy (how accurate the trading signal is)
There is virtually no waiting time. As soon as you input your preferences, the CoinMoon system will provide all the available trading signals instantly. Our database has trading signals for all types of traders.


By now you have received your trading signals, and you are ready to trade. You will most likely have at least 5 to 10 trading signals that match your exact trading preferences. Simply choose a few trading signals and enter a few trades. Enter and exit each trade accordingly and always remember to take profit. After you have profitably exited your trades, simply repeat the process and let the CoinMoon system pick new trading signals for you.


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