Cryptocurrency Trading Signals (Recommendations)

5th April, 2022 (10:36 AM UTC)

Cryptocurrency trading signals help traders, especially non-professional ones, who cannot analyze to decipher market trends and make the most profits out of their trades.
They provide actionable trading ideas to buy, sell or hold an asset but are constructed from market indicators through detailed and informed technical analysis of the real-time and historical market climate.
The most important part of trading now is not trading information but its relevance and utilization. It also needs work to define the accuracy and reliability of the signals.

How are Crypto Trading Signals Generated

The best crypto trading signals are generated based on both technical and fundamental analyzes. With trading indicators, you can also generate your signals, but they are really professional. Because there are tens of indicators you can use to generate these signals, the trick also lies in knowing the most relevant for your circumstance.
You would need experience. Best crypto signals are again based on a combination of auto and manual trading tactics. Best paid crypto signals for trading are based on technical charting, fundamental analyzes, and rely on info collected by bots (mainly and efficiently) from social media channels.

Chart a trend: On a crypto charting platform like TradeView, select an indicator for which to generate a price pattern over a select period. On these platforms, you basically select the indicator and time frames on a given trading pair, for instance, BTC/USD, and the chart is automatically generated.

Decipher a price pattern: Once a chart is generated for a given indicator, a pattern is deduced about the chart as directed by the indicator trend lines. These guide on knowing the price action points and are the hardest to decipher in constructing crypto buy and sell signals. It is here that much knowledge and experience apply. The different chart patterns to expect on a chart include supports/resistances, big movement, consecutive candles, drive, butterfly, ascending/descending triangles, head, and shoulders or inverse head and shoulders, channel up/down, falling/rising wedge, double bottom/top, triple bottom/top, bullish/bearish flags, rectangle, bullish/bearish pennant, Gartley, ABCD, and 3 point extension or retracement.

Predict the price action: The predictable price mostly falls within the pattern unless the pattern predicts a breakout in one or two price directions, i.e. on the downside or upside. The analysis generates an actionable trading signal which basically predicts – in layman’s language, a future possible price at which the trend is best headed as deciphered using the charting and indicator knowledge.

Apply the price action: Most crypto signals are generated and re-fed into auto trading bots for automated crypto or asset trading. Traders can also generate and apply their signals manually but it is tasking and limited because such analyses wouldn’t take in as much varied and relevant market info as would be efficient bots that pull info from multiple sources in seconds.

FAQs on Crypto Signals

Q #1) What is the best crypto signal?
Answer: is rated the best crypto trading platform feature-wise. It lets users get trading signals based on their specific trading preferences. Regarding accuracy, it is deemed the most accurate cryptocurrency prediction system in the world.

Q #2) Are crypto signals worth it?
Answer: Yes, when done professionally, reliably, and accurately, trading signals can be hugely profitable. However, the best way to trade crypto is to first acquaint oneself with the professional techniques needed to trade profitably such as how to quickly enter and exit trades as instructed by the trading signals.

Q #3) What is a signal in crypto trading?
Answer: A crypto trading signal is an expertise actionable trading idea based on analysis of existing and/or historical market climate, constructed using technical indicators and with a time and price relevance. They are based on an understanding of market trends and are done to predict possible future market prices to help traders trade an asset profitably or avoid losses altogether.

Introducing CoinMoon

Accurate cryptocurrency trading signals can vastly improve your profitability and save you a lot of time. Researching coins is fun but if you want to make serious money in a short space of time then trading signals is a must.
This is why CoinMoon is available. It offers advanced cryptocurrency price analysis that is beyond anything in the industry. It gives you accurate buy and sell instructions but most importantly it also gives you an exact time when the sell price will be reached. This is unique to only CoinMoon.