Our Vision

One day, in the not too distant future, we hope to build a brave new world that is full of useful cryptocurrencies, a world strengthened by blockchain technology, a world that is much better than our current one. And in this new world we want to finally reinstall humanity’s right to financial freedom, financial interconnectivity and financial access.

Financial Freedom
We strongly believe in reinstalling human liberties and there is no better way to liberate a person then to give them complete control over their finances. Cryptocurrencies allow a person to completely control their own wealth. When used correctly, cryptocurrencies remove the need for a third party (a bank) and therefore gives the custodian (you) benefits such as fewer fees/charges, less risk of fraud/loss and less risk of being denied access to your funds.

Financial Interconnectivity
Most of mankind’s advancements can be attributed to the power of peer to peer connectivity. We have seen this since the birth of civilization and the coming together of people, all the way up to the introduction of the internet and the sharing of information. Cryptocurrencies are the next chapter of this natural phenomena of human connectivity. Therefore, we envision a world where people can financially connect with each other and transact seamlessly with one another, whether they are face to face or separated by seas.

Financial Access
It is shocking to admit there are currently 2 billion adults who have no access to ‘transaction accounts’. Meaning they have no way of transacting outside of cash transactions which completly limits their financial transacting abilities to their immediate geographical location. This ultimatley translates to total financial seclusion and unethical abandonment.
We strongly believe the advancement of cryptocurrencies and the leveraging of blockchain technology will transform the infrastructure needed for providing financial services to low income individuals and small enterprises.

How can you help?
If you enjoy using CoinMoon.com and you want to support our vision then please donate and let’s change the world together. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

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All donations go toward projects and activities that will actually change the current ‘system’. Such as large scale seminars, educational programs, information centers, cryptocurrency development and promotional campaigns to increase the overall awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We also actively lobby world governments and we are confident our combined efforts will definitely lead to positive changes on a global scale.

Lets change the world!

The CoinMoon Team